Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

Tayler's cousins came over. Bailey went to her grandma's on Saturday. Crystal went out of town for Thanksgiving. Harley had turkey that had bacon on it. Mikayla had a big piece of the wishbone. Lucas went to his grandma's house. Dalton thinks that Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Katie went to her cousin's house for Thanksgiving. R. J. and his family ate pumpkin pie. Anna went to Portsmith. Evan had two Thanksgivings. Aleigh went to her aunt's house. Camryn had good meals. Jacob said it was a fun Thanksgiving over the weekend. Julianna went to her Grandma Terrie. Max went to his dad's house. Cale went to two houses for Thanksgiving. Corbin had turkey that day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Basic Skills Test

We had to fill in the circles. We had to stay in the circles. There were 65 pages. We did our best. Some were hard and some were easy. One was timed. We take them until the 8th grade. We did some 8th grade things. We had some extra paper for the math problems. At the very end, we did an extra 5 pages. We took breaks during the tests. Some times we did exercises. It took a week for us to get it done. We had snacks during the tests and restroom breaks. We had a lot of snacks.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We are going to do clay. We will make things with it. We can make insects from it. We can make bowls or cups. The clay can be red, white, and blue. You can paint in art. We can do free painting. You can draw a house and then paint the picture. You can paint on paper. There are all sorts of color of paint. You can free color. We made haunted houses. You can color your haunted houses. We made butterflies. Then we cut out the butterflies. We decorated our butterflies. We cut out colorful pieces of paper and put it on our butterflies. We will make scratch art later on. We have made lots of sorts of things in art and we will make more things in art.