Friday, November 19, 2010

Space Project

Today we shared our projects with second and third graders. Joe's family worked together to build a project. Jacob's family worked on making the planet, Mercury. Devin's planet is Earth. Brady made a moon rover. Caroline's space project was how big the sun is compared to the Earth. Brendan learned that Pluto was a dark planet. Makaynzie's project was well liked. Haley's space project was about Uranus. Today Mallory's project was about Jupiter and Saturn. Maria's project was about Earth. Jaret's project was about Venus. Matt learned that Saturn has 60 moons. Genevieve learned that it takes 60,190 days for Neptune to rotate around the sun. Garrett worked the solar system for his home project. Aidan's family worked very hard on it. Alicia is going to make her project on Saturday and it will be Saturn. Beverly worked on her space project really hard and her parents like it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Safe Side Adult

Today we watched a video on being SAFE. These are some important things to remember. Never talk to an adult that you do not know. Do not talk to strangers. Never leave your adult. Yell for Mom and Dad. Ask your mom and dad for 3 people that you can go with. If a stranger comes too close to you, yell this is not my mom or dad. Even it looks safe, it might not be safe. Don't answer the door if it's a don't know. Ask a parent before you leave with an adult. Don't tell strangers your name. Make sure you have your 3 safety people. Always have an adult with you. If a stranger comes up to you, run away. Don't try anything dangerous.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The museum was awesome. The black jet is cool that was in the front. It was the favorite of lots of boys and girls. It was really cool looking at the planes at the museum. There were two huge planes that we liked. We like the part when the teachers went on the trainer. We liked the airplanes. A favorite was one of the US Air Force planes. We saw lots of jets. Another favorite part was the pod racer. Riding the escalator was fun. The planetarium was fun to look in at the stars. Looking at the constellations was also a best part and very interesting. Riding on the training machine was fun.