Thursday, September 8, 2011


Lexie's group made a rainbow fish. Brady's group worked on sight words. In Ayden's group they read books to each other. In Aubreigh's group, they wrote 2 book responses. Brynna's group loves to read. In Jakob's group they wrote about the Apple Orchard Race. In Adrian's group, they took a spelling test. In Jeanna's group they went to the computer lab to write spelling words. In Bind's group they worked on vocabulary words. Logan's group likes to read. Kaitlyn's group wrote their spelling words on the computer. Corbin's group worked on spelling games on the computer. Kaitlin's group silent reads for awhile. Felicity's group drew pictures of plants in reading. In Jacob's group, they read books. In Devin's group they read about a person in an attic. Reece has read a book called Pet Detective.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mrs. R's Class

We have been busy at school. We have been reading several books. In science we are watching what celery will do without water. We predicted that it will go limp. Tomorrow we will add water to see if anything changes. We are also practicing our Partner Math. Some students are already on level G!! Keep practicing those math facts.